The Ferrari hot-rodding experts at Germany’s Novitec Rosso know what you’re thinking: The Ferrari 488 Spider would be a pretty decent car, if only it had enough power. You ask and they deliver.

Reprogramming the engine management computer to lean on the 488’s twin-turbochargers and installing a low-restriction lightweight exhaust system ended up boosting the 3.9-liter V8’s output to 772 horsepower—a big jump up from the car’s usual 660 hp. Top speed: 213 mph.

The 488’s exhaust systems are available in both stainless steel or lighter inconel. Buyers can choose whether they want the factory’s muffler bypass flaps that make for a quieter ride when desired.

The company will also happily lower the 488’s suspension and bolt on an array of aftermarket wheels, if the standard wheels are just too commonplace.

While we love the stock 488 Spider, we have to admit that those matching yellow rims with contrasting black spokes look hot.

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