Report: Chris Brown In Standoff With Police At His Tarzana Home After Woman Claims He Pulled A Gun On Her. Singer Throws Out Duffel Bag Containing A Gun & Drugs.

Police in Tarzana, California are trying to obtain a warrant to search Chris Brown’s home after a woman called 911 claiming he pulled a gun on her.

TMZ reports that the singer had guests in his home, including Ray J, when 3 uninvited people were let inside by someone.

One of those people was the alleged victim. All three were asked to leave. Once outside the woman called police to report a gun was brandished by Brown.

Chris Brown’s home

When cops arrived the couldn’t enter the security gate nobody would buzz them in. Swat was called as a precaution.

When Ray J left the home he was handcuffed by police. After detaining him briefly he was let go, but his car was kept as evidence.

Meanwhile, Brown has posted several Instagram videos saying he’s done nothing wrong and was asleep at the time of the alleged incident.

“I just wake up [and] all these motherf*cking helicopters is around. Police out there at the gate,” Chris said in one of the videos. “What the f#ck else do y’all want from me? I stay out of the way, take care of my daughter [and] do work. Every three months y’all come up with something. At the same time, when I call the police for stalker people that are threatening my life they don’t come ’til the next say. Let somebody make a f*cked up allegation about me and oh yeah, the whole Swat team. I’m innocent, f*ck everybody.”

“I’m tired of this sh!t. Barricaded myself in my house?” he continued. “Have you seen my house? I’ma barricade myself in a palace? I ain’t coming out … for what? I ain’t did sh!t, ain’t gon’ do sh!t, and it’s always gonna be f*ck the police. Black live matter, n!gga. I don’t care, y’all gon’ stop playing with me like I’m the villain out here — like I’m going crazy, I’m not. You guys got me f*cked up though. Good luck. When you get the warrant, whatever you need to do you gon’ walk right up in here and you gon’ see nothing, you idiots. I’m tired of f*cking dealing with y’all. Y’all the worst gang in the world, the police. And I said it, f*ck you!”

According to TMZ, Chris later threw a duffel bag out of his window of his home and told the police, “Come and get me.”

Cops claim they found a gun, other weapons and drugs in the bag.

Police are waiting outside of Chris’ home waiting for him to surrender. It’s being live streamed on television. Watch below.

source: by ChasinDatPaper

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