Tesla-Branded MDMA Is Out At Clubs And It’s Dangerously Strong: Report

There’s a Tesla-branded pill reportedly getting around the club scene spreading from the UK to Germany containing 240mg of MDMA, and that’s a potentially deadly strength.

A recent warning spotted by The Drive and MixMag and issued by The Loopstates that this pill has double the dose of what you’d need to get high, and the risk of overdose obviously spikes from there.

The Loop does independent testing of different pills to figure out which different circulating brands have what strength. This Tesla one was strong enough to deserve a “take care” warning of “extremely high doses:”

It’s wild to see Tesla’s brand get so strong that it’s getting put on pills, but it’s still a worrying presence in the club scene. Be safe out there.

source: gizmodo.com by Raphael Orlove

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