Everyone who saw the almighty Lazareth LM847 motorcycle powered by a 454-horsepower Maserati V8 at the Geneva Motor Show had the same thought: “Holy shit!” Then: “Can it actually be ridden?”

Perhaps hearing our doubts, Lazareth has released a video showing the LM847 on the road, being ridden very gently in a straight line. So, while we still don’t know how well it works, we can at least see that it is rideable.

Lazareth LM847. Photo: Lazareth

With such insane power, if the bike really does reach customers, here’s all the rest of us are likely to see of the LM847.

Lazareth LM847. Photo: Lazareth

The company that made the Dodge Viper V10-powered Tomahawk, another car-powered four-wheeled motorcycle, was able to sell a few of those amazing machines, so hopefully we’ll see some LM847s in action soon.

2003 Dodge Tomahawk. Photo: Dodge

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