Britain’s Auto Express magazine has uncovered a plan by Mercedes-Benz to introduce a compact SUV to be called the GLB-Class that is inspired by the legendary slab-sided Galendewagen off-road brute.

Rather like the current Jeep Renegade, Mercedes wants to cash in on the rough and ready appeal of the G-Wagen in a package that is more appealing to urban drivers and to the pesky government regulators demanding improved efficiency.

We can expect this baby G-Wagen’s styling to echo that of the Energ-G Force concept car that debuted at the 2012 Los Angeles International Auto Show when it arrives in 2019.

Auto Express tells us that the GLB-Class SUV will share its chassis underpinnings with the all-new 2018 Mercedes A-Class subcompact model that isn’t sold in the U.S.

If we have to choose between the A-Class hatchback and a burly off-road mini-mite, we think this 4×4 looks like more fun!

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