The movie Inception is such a mindfuck, I vowed to watch it no more than twice for the sake of my own sanity. But some exceptionally hardcore folks out there are down to face a mind-bender every morning, in the form of this Inception-inspired coffee table.

The “Wave City” table, designed by Stelios Mousarris, mimics the folding cityscape visual from the 2010 film. The table is a continuous curve, with the buildings on the underside and a sleek, polished surface for your morning brew.

Made from wood, steel, and by 3D printing, this table is actually a second edition.The first left the wood untreated, while this model captures the film’s noir vibe with a matte black finishi.

The first “Wave City” table went for $4,300, so expect to spend top dollar on the all-black version as well.

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