There Are 7 Different Personal Brand Archetypes. Which One Are You?

How do you build a personal brand?

The first step is understanding who you are–or, better said, what type of “content producer” you are. Building a personal brand is all about emphasizing your best qualities, your value offerings, and putting those at the forefront of what you do. So, before you can do that, you have to understand what those qualities are. What are you really great at?

1. The Content Creator

You are the originator, the one actually creating the valuable content being shared. Content creators are YouTubers who make original videos, Instagrammers who post new photos every single day, video makers who are producing their own mini sketches. Being a content creator means wearing a lot of different hats–and means taking ownership over the entire process, and showing up consistently, day after day, to create really great content.

2. The Curator

You have a knack for finding the best content out there, respective to your specific market or niche. You’re not the one actually creating the stuff, you’re just pulling all the best material together and positioning yourself as the “go to” for what’s hot. Curators have talented eyes, and can see things that are going to catch on before everyone else. It is an art in itself.

3. The Journalist

You are the blend between a Content Creator and a Content Curator. You are a thought leader in that you provide commentary on what’s going on, and are seen as more of an objective “news source” for your market or niche. You compile what’s trending, what’s happening, and add some of your own thoughts on top. People come to you for “answers.”

4. The Instigator / Critic

You are the King or Queen of drama, honestly. You love to pick apart what other people are doing, and edge on the title of “entertainer.” You are the devil’s advocate for everything surrounding your industry, and make it a point to question anything that rises to the surface. You spark debates, you love stirring up controversy, and you are the “shadow” to the journalist.

5. The Case Study

You teach others by first testing it on yourself. You create your own thought leadership by being willing to try things before anyone else–and reveal exactly what happened along the way. People come to you because they know they are going to get transparent, brutally honest council. They trust your genuine honesty of what “works” and what doesn’t.

6. The “Regular Person”

Your brand is entirely built off you just being YOU. You have a YouTube channel where you vlog about your life, your adventures, whatever it is that comes to mind. You build an audience because you’re really good at being genuine, and viewers feeling like they know the real you. (Truthfully, all personal brands should have this element, but for some people it’s both the foundation and the flag.)

7. The Industry Expert

Everything you touch turns to gold. You’ve done enough in one lifetime to warrant giving advice for the next six. You have the experience and people look to you for quality information. You just need help amplifying that knowledge and experience across various channels so that your story can spread even further.



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