Watch Steph Curry Set an NBA Record by Sinking 13 3-Pointers During a Game Against the Pelicans

During the Warriors’ stunning 20-point loss to the Lakers last Friday night, Steph Curry didn’t hit a single 3-pointer. It snapped a streak that saw Curry hit at least one 3-pointer in 157 consecutive games that stretched all the way back to November 2013.

“That was a cool little ride,” Curry said after the streak ended. “I would have loved to finish my career making one every game. But hey, start a new one.”

On Monday night, Curry did start a new one—and he did so in spectacular fashion. He made 13 3-pointers during a game against the Pelicans to set a new NBA record for most 3-pointers in a single game. He was one of three players tied for the previous record of 12—he recorded 12 threes during a game back in February, while Donyell Marshall accomplished the feat in March 2005 and Kobe Bryant did it in January 2003—but now, he holds the record all by himself. Curry shot 13-for-17 from behind the arc during the Warriors’ 116-106 win against the Pelicans, while recording 46 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists, and 2 steals. He spoke about his historic night after the game.

“I was hard on myself in practice the last two days,” he said. “I had pretty good shooting sessions. I don’t overreact to games like that whether I got 0-for-12 or 2-for-12 or whatever it is. My process is the same, but I had another level of focus the last two days trying to get my rhythm back and see the ball go in.”

He definitely saw the ball go in—a lot—on Monday night, and when Curry shoots it that well, the Warriors are obviously a tough team to beat. You can watch all 13 of his 3-pointers in the video below.

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