When the regular 568-horsepower Aston Martin Vanquish is in danger of letting villains catch James Bond, the company responds with the new 580-horsepower Vanquish S.

The gorgeous English speedster also gains a raft of carbon fiber aerodynamic pieces, including a splitter and diffuser, plus quad exhaust tips that hint at the added power.

The extra power is courtesy of a revised intake tract with increased airflow, and the eight-speed automatic transmission has also been updated to provide suitably faster shifts for the S.

Naturally, the spring rates, shock absorber damping, and anti-sway bar bushings are all stiffened to sharpen the reflexes of the Vanquish S.

“The Vanquish S takes things a step further, confidently asserting itself within the Aston Martin range and distinguishing itself from the new DB11.” explained Aston Martin president and CEO Andy Palmer. “A spectacular machine in every sense, the Vanquish S is a magnificent addition to our range.”

One look at the car confirms the truth of this assessment.

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