Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Just Welcomed Their Third Baby Girl

Congratulations, Mamba.

Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa, welcomed their third baby girl into the world this week in Orange County, according to TMZ.

Kobe, 38, retired eight months ago; he and Vanessa announced in July they were expecting their third child.

There is a serious age gap between the sisters. Bryant’s oldest daughter, Natalia Diamante, was born in 2003, when Bryant was only a seven-year NBA veteran and still wore No. 8.

In his documentary Muse, Kobe noted that Vanessa had a miscarriageduring his 2004 rape trial. Certainly, going through that incredibly challenging time as a couple must have made each following birth even sweeter. The Bryants’ second-oldest, Gianna Maria Onore, was born in 2006.

Kobe has stayed busy in retirement, working on his companies Kobe Inc (a sports brand promotions company), Bryant-Stibel (a venture capital firm), and Kobe Studios (a creative media house).

You have to think Kobe is the best dad, right? Of course, he’s probably a bit rough around the edges and a little too intense. But imagine him making even the most mundane dad advice moments epic.

Imagine telling him about your day and him responding by asking, “But are you a different animal and the same beast?”

Exactly. Best dad ever.

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