Lucid Motors unveils its 400-mile range luxury EV

After a few sneak peeks during the LA auto show, Lucid has finally ripped the camouflage off its luxury electric sedan: the $100,000-plus Air. The luxury vehicle is taking aim not only at Tesla’s Model S but also traditional gas-powered cars like the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The company is expected to start production in 2018 at its Arizona factory.

All those motors are pushing a combined 1000 horsepower with a zero to 60 MPH of 2.5 seconds. The Air is also autonomous-ready with short and long range radar, cameras and Lidar. Some of those self-driving features will be available at launch but most will be added later via over-the-air updates. Of course, the tech doesn’t stop there. Like most luxury cars it also has a companion app. It also uses voice control like the Amazon Echo or Siri to control aspects of the inside of the car.

Naturally, the Air is a luxury car with the price to match. Lucid says a well optioned model will cost more than $100,000 but that an $65,000 model will be produced in the future.

source: by Roberto Baldwin

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