It’s a well-known fact that women can orgasm multiple times in a row, whereas after men cum once, it’s game over. Well, at least for a little while.

We already know part of the physical reason as to why men need to take a breather after sex — you know, to reload the gravy cannon — but we don’t know allof the reasons why women are blessed with the capability to have lots of orgasms while men aren’t. What can I say? The human body is one hell of an enigma, my friends.

To bring some answers to orgasmic conundrum, scientists at the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health presented a study in which more than 2,000 women and their orgasms were observed over the course of three years. The research included women getting themselves off in a lab for the sake of science, which must have been fun.

The study discovered that after the first orgasm, women employ different techniques in terms of pressure and movement to reach a second, third, fourth, etc. orgasm, due to heightened sensitivity in the area. This means that if you keep rubbing or touching the same spot after she orgasms, she likely won’t orgasm again. In fact, it will probably be quite uncomfortable for her.

Physically, this was found to be the only thing keeping women from orgasming one more time, because there’s nothing a female body needs to recover from after having an orgasm, unlike men.

By the way, this is literally the secret to getting a woman to orgasm more than once: just change it up a little.

That said, men have a lengthy refractory period after a single orgasm simply because the male body needs to produce more sperm and semen and fill up the tanks, because your balls can only hold one orgasm’s worth of dude nectar at a time, and you need that good stuff in order to cum again.

And for those of you who can keep going immediately post-orgasm, researcher Debby Herbenick explains that your second orgasms aren’t “functional ejaculations, but ejaculations of pride and indulgence, where sperm count falls dramatically.” Well, okay.

This was long, so let’s recap:

  • Women can orgasm as many times as they damn please because they have nothing to recover from post-orgasm.
  • It takes different techniques for women to orgasm each time.
  • Men can orgasm only once because your balls can only hold so much cum.

Now you know!

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  1. Actually men also can experience such a multiple orgasm. There is a thing called Big Draw technique. In Tantra it is a technique which let you experience orgasm without ejaculation, when energy doesn’t stay in the genital area but goes through the whole body. You don’t lose it with ejaculation. It stays in your body and becomes a source of vital energy and strength
    There is a difference between the ejaculation and the orgasm. If you are able to control it. Perhaps it takes patience, discipline and perhaps years of practice but it is worth a try, that is for sure.

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