Giant 15-Foot-Wide RC Plane Weighs Less Than a Pound

Looking more like the tiny single-prop planes that amateur pilots fly, this massive replica of an Airbus A-320 airliner is actually a remote control plane with a wingspan of almost 16 feet. What’s more impressive is that it weighs less than a pound and flies slow enough that it can be piloted indoors.

Created by a Germany company called Airstage who have an expertise in designing and building giant models that can be flown indoors, the secret to this remote control Airbus’ minimal weight is its fuselage which is actually a helium-filled balloon. The wings are mostly there for show and controlling the plane’s altitude, instead of generating the lift needed to keep this craft airborne.

Crashing this plane is also less catastrophic than crashing a jet-powered RC plane because it’s more likely to bounce off an obstacle than disintegrate into a million tiny pieces.

source: by Andrew Liszewski

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