Short Film: The Seven Red Hoods

Very (very) loosely based on the original story, Verrier’s reimagining of this classic story feels more Tarantino than Disney, as we witness 7-criminals take a fair-skinned beauty hostage and hide out in the middle of the woods.

Feeling almost like a contemporary ‘origins’ story for the initially anonymous Dwarfs (they weren’t named in the Brothers Grimm tale), The Seven Red Hoods only truly begins to indicate where Verrier’s narrative might be heading as it draws to its musical conclusion.

A beautiful looking film, Verrier and his team combine miniature sets shot against green-screen, with animated characters and backgrounds added to create the perfect setting for this retelling of a fantasy tale in a real-life scenario.

Though the idea of centring a film’s narrative around a fairytale isn’t exactly a new and original premise, it’s the approach and angle Verrier adopts for his short that makes it such an intriguing and entertaining watch.

source: by LEO VERRIER

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