Aaron Hernandez Found Not Guilty in Double Murder Case

On Friday afternoon, a jury found former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez not guilty of the double homicide he was alleged to have committed during a 2012 drive-by.

The jury reportedly deliberated for 35 hours over six days.

Prosecutors had been arguing that Hernandez had shot and killed both Daniel Abreu and Safiro Furtado back on July 16, 2012 following an altercation at a Boston club. They contend that an enraged Hernandez shot them after one of the men spilled a drink on him while he was dancing.

The victims’ families were in court today, and left in the middle of the verdict while crying uncontrollably. Hernandez was also acquitted of shooting his close friend, Alexander Bradley, in the face in what the prosecution alleged was an attempt to silence him. As a result of this shooting, Bradley lost his right eye.

Hernandez’s defense chipped away at the credibility of Bradley, and argued that it was in fact him who shot Abreu and Furtado in a drug deal gone wrong. Bradley is currently serving his own five-year prison stint for shooting at a Hartford, Connecticut club in 2014.

The ex-Patriots player was convicted of a single charge, unlawful possession of a gun. Because of that conviction the judge sentenced him to an extra four to five years in prison.

Hernandez is still serving a life sentence for his prior 2015 murder conviction of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd, which came down two years ago tomorrow:

source: complex.com BY

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