Trans Am Worldwide is following up on the limited-edition, Burt Reynolds-signed Bandit Edition Trans Ams we told you about last year with an even more amazing 1,000-horsepower machine that is the company’s first Trans Am built on General Motors new Zeta platform seen on the sixth-generation Camaro that we love so much.

Conversion of the 2016-present Camaro’s sheetmetal to proper Pontiac style was done by Trans Am Worldwide’s chief designer, Tom Sawyer, with computer rendering by Sweden’s Bo Zolland.

“The new model is a complete re-design that features sleek body lines with masculine proportions and traditional retro styling,” explains Trans Am Worldwide co-founder Tod Warmack. “We are also offering optional glass t-tops this year,” he added.

That means that with the T-tops removed, you’re one ’70s ‘stache and some cop-spec mirrored aviators away from completing the Smokey and the Bandit-era Burt Reynolds look.

The original 1973-’74 Firebird Trans Am Super Duty 455 employed a hulking 310-horsepower cast iron big block V8 to achieve its legendary status. The new Trans Am 455 Super Duty uses a compact, lightweight GM LT1 small block V8 whose displacement is enlarged to 455 cubic inches to churn out 1,000 horsepower with the aid of a Magnuson supercharger.

Barrett-Jackson auctioned this green classic for $126,500, so whatever the official price turns out to be for the 50 limited-edition 455 Super Duty cars Trans Am Worldwide will build turns out to be, it could seem like a bargain.

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