Kendrick Lamar’s Mom Wrote A Classic Review of ‘Damn’

Kendrick Lamar is top of the world right now. Not only is Damn on course to land the biggest debut of 2017, it has also received a great deal of praise from fans and critics alike, many of whom are calling the project his best one yet. But none of those kind words can compare to the love and congratulations he received from his mother.

On Saturday afternoon, the Compton rapper shared a screenshot of an emoji-laden text his mom, Paula Oliver, had sent him after she listened to Damn for the first time. It’s a lengthy text that is equal parts heartwarming and hilarious, as she shares her initial thoughts on the album as well as the cover art.

“OMG. This cd is bombbbbb!,” she wrote at the beginning of the text. “You should have put me and your daddy on this one too j/k.”

For those who don’t know, Kendrick’s mom and dad were featured in the skits on Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. Though they didn’t contribute to Damn, Kendrick does make references to them.

Paula told her son she thought this was the best project he’s released, before addressing the album’s cover.

“Your daddy said u look stressed on the cover lol I said ni**a that s the point,” she wrote. “We always stressing him out. Since a Lil boy you been a over think though …… But What you say, a ni**a make it look sexy? Boy you can make a dog laugh.”

Oliver admitted she missed Kendrick’s Coachella live stream, but heard he was floating in the air. She also showed love to Kendrick’s “die hard” fans a.k.a. KenFolk who showed up to watch his headlining set: “I love them.”

Kendrick replied in the way most sons would to the emoji-heavy text: “Who taught you 100? Lol.”

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