If you remember how insane the Vicious Mustang was that Timeless Kustoms built, you won’t be surprised by the incredible twin-turbocharged ’69 Camarothey’ve rolled out now.

While custom-built 1969 Camaros have become nearly cliche because the car is such a typical go-to for builders, there is a reason for its popularity: the car has just about the best proportions and lines ever stamped into sheetmetal.

Today’s builders can slide amazing powertrains and suspensions beneath that classic steel, and Timeless Kustoms opted for the expected small block Chevy LS engine, with a boost from a pair of turbochargers for 750 horsepower.

The equally popular Tremec six-speed manual transmission sends that power to the rear wheels, and Brembo brakes, natch, bring the Camaro to a halt.

Of course the factory body has been tweaked for a slicker appearance, so the drip rails are shaved off and the bumpers are tightened up to the body, with the whole thing sprayed in Sparkling Graphite paint.

The result is as clean a ’69 Camaro build as you’ll find and a good example of exactly why builders and customers still view this car as a go-to candidate for customizing.

source: maxim.com by 

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