Short Film: Afternoon Class

Perfectly capturing that heavy-headed feeling one experiences when fighting sleep, Seoro Oh’s 4-minute graduation film Afternoon Class takes a simple concept and inventively transforms it into a hugely relatable and entertaining short.

Screened at some of the biggest animation festival worldwide, though Afternoon Classcould easily be described as ‘narratively slight’ compared to some of the other films we feature at S/W, where it really excels is how perfectly it portrays a feeling we’ve all experienced.

Expertly depicting the arduous struggle to fight the sweet invitation of sleep, this charming student film is beautifully designed and delightfully amusing. In fact, it’s that grin-inducing comedy that makes Afternoon Class such a success. This so easily could have been a darker, trippier short but the warmth flowing through the veins of this animation is what makes it so captivating. It’s a film worthy of repeat viewings and one you’ll be dying to share to with others.

With just 4-hours sleep under my belt last night, sitting here at my desk, writing this article over lunch I can already feel the weight of my head transforming to bowling-ball like heaviness. But with films like Seoro Oh’s here to provide a refreshing boost to your day, who needs coffee?


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