Jacob & Co Astronomia Flawless Watch

American jewellery house Jacob & Co has unveiled its newest Astronomia Flawless watch. The timepiece is based on the unmistakable Astronomia Gravitational Triple Axis Tourbillon watch and is fitted with sun, moon, Earth globes and intricate movement that are visible from all sides through a monobloc sapphire case. The flamboyant watch features a sapphire barrel bridge in the movement, a blue sapphire dial and a sapphire buckle on the blue strap.

The sapphire case of the $1 million Jacob & Co Astronomia Flawless watch is made of a case, a dome and a caseback. The craftsmen need approximately 37 weeks to produce the sapphire components. To create the dome, master craftsman cuts the raw material, grinds and machines it on a CNC equipment, polishes, fulfills an ultrasound wave cleaning and an antireflective treatment. The case requires 326 hours to complete and another 300 hours of cutting, polishing, chamfering and brushing are needed to finish the sapphire base. A sapphire disk that represents the dial requires 280 hours to create, with a similar amount of time going into the making of the sapphire strap buckle.

In the heart of Jacob & Co Astronomia Flawless watch is upgraded manually wound movement JCAM16 caliber with triple axis tourbillon. The timepiece features two spherical 288-facet diamond spheres: one is 1 carat Jacob Cut diamond on one end of a satellite that is located opposite an 18-karat rose gold and enamel Earth globe. Between the two spheres, and raised out of the center axis of the movement, is the second diamond sphere – a 2.23-carat Jacob Cut multi-faceted yellow diamond.

Jacob & Co will produce only nine individually numbered Astronomia Flawless timepieces.

source: luxexpose.com

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