Christophe Claret Gaming Watches

If there is one thing that the world of Haute Horlogerie and gambling have in common, it is the high stakes. Christophe Claret united them both in his “gaming collection.”

Complications that don’t have a time- or calendar related function are usually automaton’s, but Claret has been able to incorporate a whole card game into his gaming collection which consists out of three models. One is dedicated to Poker, one to Baccara and one to Black Jack. Unique about all of them, is that the card game is fully mechanical. And to give an idea of how complicated things can get: The Poker watch is based on Texas Hold’em, and does feature not only the full 52-card game but also the rules of this particular poker game. The dial is set up in such a way that three people can play it, without being able to see the other person hands, and it features all 98.304 combinations possible in a three player game. To make matters even more complicated, does the watch also feature a cathedral gong that chimes every time a pusher is activated.

The Baccara focuses on taking on the bank in a card game especially immortalized by James Bond. Christophe Claret got his inspiration for this particular member of the gaming collection when visiting Macao, which is reflected in the watch by a skeletonized dial motive featuring dragons and tigers. This watch also features a cathedral gong, which chimes every time a shutter opens, revealing a new card for either the player or the bank. This cathedral gong van is seen through a window in the case band. There are also two miniature dice incorporated, allowing you to play an additional game.

The third member of the collection, the Black Jack, also had this feature, apart from a full game of Black Jack, that once again not only takes into account all the rules of the game but also the chance factor, which is very hard to incorporate into a mechanical movement. What makes it even more impressive is that this is all packed in a watch with a diameter of 45mm and a height of 15.92mm. (This watch is not in this photo-shoot but can be found here)

The case back of all gaming watches features a fully functional roulette wheel, for additional gaming fun. That makes this watches not only even more complicated and diverse, but almost a literal mini-casino for around the wrist! Place your bets, please!


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