The arrival of the all-new aluminum-body Jeep Wrangler (code named “JL”) is creeping closer, and with it, the arrival of the hotly anticipated pickup-bodied version, which will apparently be available in both two- and four-door versions, just like the SUV.

The Jeep fanatics at are hearing enough details from inside sources and seeing enough camouflaged test vehicles that they’ve been able to put together renders of the upcoming Wrangler truck that should be extremely close to the production model’s appearance.

They point out new door hinges for the next-gen Wrangler and contemporary pull-handle door handles where the current Wrangler still employs the old-style push-button door releases, so this upgrade will be a welcome improvement.

And check out the front edge of the separate body-on-frame cargo bed: it angles to match the rear wheel opening instead of being vertical like on other trucks.

From the windshield forward, we can expect the “JT” pickup to look the same as the “JL” SUVs, reports. You’ll notice that that windscreen leans further back than that on the current model, and we expect it will loose the ability to fold down atop the hood, as Jeeps have done since they arrived as World War II utility mules for the Army.

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