Jaquet Droz Lady 8 Flower: Art, Automaton or Watch?

Many ladies watches, even more so than men’s watches, are on the threshold of being watch or art. They combine their timekeeping function with intricate designs, gemstone settings, enamel painting, and in the case of the Lady 8 Flower: an automaton.

It is also the automaton that draws your attention. It has it’s own case and sapphire crystal, which is nested against the top part of the actual watch, heavily influencing the shape of the case. Its rounded forms bring a unique elegance to the watch, but more so desire to find out what is happening in the top part.

This can be explained by pushing the button at two o’clock, which triggers the automaton. The flower bud will open, revealing a diamond briolette of 0.24 carat, which is turning inside the flower petals, showing all its splendor of fire and scintillation. It is quite a captivating performance and one that you would like to repeat often.

Skeletonized white gold flower petals cover the Briolette diamond at its center

The automaton and the watch itself as well is powered by Jaquet Droz caliber 615, which features a silicon balance spring and pallet horns and platinum oscillating weight. With a diameter of 35 mm it retains its sense of elegance while having enough space to show off its features.

Different materials and decorations change the look of the watch completely.

These features can vary per model. All share the case shaped like an eight, but while some have a dial with colorless diamonds in a snowflake setting, others feature a butterfly coming to life in Grand Feu enamel. The petals are designed to match the rest of the watch. In some cases, this means that they are crafted from gold with a hand painted enamel inside, while in others they are skeletonized, giving you already a glimpse of the diamond inside.

Stunning Snow Setting

The power of watches like the Lady 8 Flower is exactly because they are a combination of all of the above-mentioned elements. Together they reach a synergy that turns it into a piece of mechanical art that can accompany you through the day, and that is something you cannot say of many art pieces!

source: hautetime.com BY MARTIN GREEN

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