Time to hang 10, futuristic bros!

Puerto Rico-based Lift eFoil electric surfboards use a submerged hydrofoil to lift the board clear of the water at speed, in the same way that modern America’s Cup catamarans ride high above the waves.

But Lift surfboards have an electric motor embedded in that hydrofoil, so you can cruise along in flat water with no effort on your part.

The eFoil board surfs at 15 mph for as long as an hour per charge of its lithium-ion battery pack.

You control the $12,000 eFoil board’s electric motor using a wireless Bluetooth speed regulator and you steer it by shifting your weight as with a regular board

Foil promises to start manufacturing eFoil boards in September, and they are available in regular 5’6″ length or Sport length of 5′ even. Available colors are black, blue, green and purple.

It might seem painful to wait months for such an exciting toy, but Foil founder Nicholas Leason says on the company’s blog that he’s been through much more to get the eFoil ready.

“The journey has been long and arduous,” he writes. “I’ve broken down on many occasions in the face of failure. My shop burned to the ground. Girlfriends have run away and we’ve spent way too much money to get here, but now the fun begins.”

All you have to do now is write a check.

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