We Got Up Close and Personal With The Killer New VW I.D. Buzz Microbus and It Was Awesome

The hand-built Volkswagen I.D. Buzz concept microbus clearly snagged a lot of interest when we introduced it to you in March. So on Saturday Maxim went to Pebble Beach to take a much closer look.

In the video above you’ll get a look inside and learn much more about this hand-built electric vehicle.

This model may appear as if it’s ready to drive off the lot today, but as you’ll learn in the video, we’ll have to wait a bit to scout for one at a dealership.

This really is a faithful interpretation of VW‘s classic T1 Camper Van which became an icon of road culture in the 1950s and 60s—but it’s like someone designed a model just for The Jetsons then made it real.

Watch our video above to learn about just how stunning a future ride the I.D. Buzz truly is. And more importantly, just when it’ll actually be available to buy.

source: maxim.com

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