This Insane Off-Road Skateboard Conquers Sand, Snow, Dirt and Pavement

We’ve seen all-terrain e-boards before, but the Track1 is the most rugged option by far.

Named for the tank-like tread mounted in place of two back wheels, this 60-pound monster of a skateboard from Flux Design Co. allows riders to tear up snow, sand, dirt and pavement at speeds of up to 20 MPH.

A three-hour charge gives the Track1 a 12-mile range, making it a practical option for short commutes.

Seasoned skaters or snowboarders will feel right at home carving out angles by leaning from left and right, but you can always attach the utility handlebars to the carbon fiber deck should the desire to pop a wheelie arise. Just check out my dude here:

It’s expected to retail for $3,500, but the next seven buyers can get the Track1 for $2,500 from Indiegogo now.

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