Political Experts Rank Trump as the Worst U.S. President In History

Many have been calling Donald Trump the worst president ever since his inauguration, and the claim has just received official validation. A panel of 170 politics experts has confirmed that Trump is in fact the worst U.S. president in history, the New York Times published in a report on President’s Day.

The survey of the American Political Science Association’s Presidents and Executive Politics section place No. 45 at the bottom of the list. James Buchanan (the former president who led the country into the Civil War and was previously in last place in 2014’s survey), William Henry Harrison, Franklin Pierce, Andrew Johnson, Warren G. Harding, Millard Fillmore, John Tyler, Herbert Hoover, and Zachary Taylor round out the top 10 worst rankings.

Barack Obama jumps into eighth place in the ranking after holding the 18th spot in 2014. Bill Clinton slid from eighth to 13th because of his treatment of women, and Andrew Jackson fell from ninth to 15th because of his treatment of Native Americans, according to the Times. George W. Bush moved up a few notches from 35th up to 30th, while Abraham Lincoln owns the entire ranking, coming in first place.

Trump being considered the country’s worst U.S. head of state can be the result of a laundry list of factors, from the trend of White House staffers exiting their positions due to domestic abuse claims, to his own handful of sexual harassment allegations, to even blaming the recent Parkland shooting on the FBI’s investigation on Russia.

Back in 2016, Trump tweeted “President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States!” The tables have turned.

source: complex.com BYBIANCA GRACIE

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