Watch Harry Hudson’s New Short Film ‘Can Cowboys Cry’ Featuring Jaden Smith

Harry Hudson is getting ready to release his debut album through his good friend Jaden Smith’s label, MSFTS. To further tease the record, the singer/songwriter has shared the Directed x MODELS-directed short film Can Cowboys Cry. Starring Hudson as the main character, the 17-minute visual features some previously released music alongside a brand new song. It also features appearances from Smith, who acts as a buddy to Hudson.

The narrative is told out of order, starting with the second chapter after a brief interlude of Smith in a profanity-driven rage. The film jumps back to the first chapter before looping back round to the third and final part. Stylistically with the Western setting, it’s very similar to Jaden Smith’s video for “Fallen,” which also starred Hudson.

The first song in Can Cowboys Cry is the previously released “Cry For Love.” The piano-led “Yellow Lights” slows things down somewhat. Right after that, the film takes a turn with a spoken word message from Jaden, before Hudson returns to perform his newly released single “No Good.” The third and final part of the dramatic, beautifully shot short features “Gone,” which Hudson shared earlier this month.

In a statement about the project, Hudson explained, “The themes in this film are very nostalgic for me because I grew up watching western films with my Pops and listening to Johnny Cash. My whole album was inspired by the music my Dad introduced me to so it was only right that I paid homage by creating my own western.”

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