Feel Like a Part of This Jazz Band Captured With a Depth-Sensing Microsoft Kinect Camera

Microsoft’s Kinect, the depth-sensing, motion-tracking technology, might be dead as a product, but the hardware lives on, and is being used for far more than just video games now. This experimental film by Marcin Nowrotek mixes 3D footage of jazz musicians with 3D animations to create a music video where the musicians almost appear to leap off your screen.

I’m very much glad the trend of 3D movies and 3D TVs died off quickly, but you don’t need to wear uncomfortable glasses for this effect to work. The depth information provided by the Microsoft Kinect helps to draw your eyes into the performance here, and while I’m not sure I could watch an entire two-hour movie like this, I can’t help but keep replaying this experimental film again and again.

[Vimeo via Prosthetic Knowledge]

source: Gizmodo.com by Andrew Liszewski


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