Gilbert Arenas Drains 95 of 100 Three-Pointers for $100K Bet With Nick Young

Former Wizards teammates Gilbert Arenas and Nick Young are making it feel like ’07, popping off on YouTube like they’re hitting Ozio and Love later in the evening. But their wacky partnership happened over a decade ago, and Hibachi has long since retired following his infamous brandishing of firearms in the Wizards locker room and a succession of leg injuries. So much time has passed, in fact, you can now call Nick Young a champion without a hint of irony.

Despite the passage of time, they’re still faux-feuding online:

“Any time, any place, name your price,” Young challenged Gil in a video posted to Arenas’ No Chill Productions YouTube account last week. “You’s an old head. You’re probably on your couch right now thinking of ways to sabotage this. You don’t want none of these problems.”

Arenas didn’t take the challenge lying down. In a video posted Tuesday, he fired back by hitting a scorching 95 3-pointers in 100 attempts like he was dropping 60 on Kobe later in the day. He also brought 100 stacks to the court and dished out some classic Agent Zero talk. “There’s a reason they call me Agent Zero, Nick,” Arenas said. “What did I shoot? Ninety-five out of 100, boy? I almost beat my old record—96 out of 100. Been sitting on my couch watching Netflix for the last four years, and I come out 95 out of a 100.”

No response from Swaggy yet, but if history is any indication, it’s coming.

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