The New MB&F HM9: Pushing The Envelope To The Next Level

With MB&F you sometimes wonder how they can move on to the next watch based on their past creations. As both their designs as well as their movements are cutting edge, it is hard to see the next logical step, at least when you name is not Maximilian Büsser and you founded the brand. The challenge is to not only offer a new watch with an incredible wow-factor but also to inject it with sufficient MB&F-DNA and have it as a natural extension of the current collection. With the introduction of the new MB&F HM9, we can say once again; mission accomplished!

The HM9 can only be mistaken for an MB&F creation. Its organic shapes, penned down by designer Eric Giroud, are unlike anything there has been before yet at the same time convey the familiarity that all MB&F’s creations seem to possess. The case is sculpted (even the term ‘crafted’ seems highly inadequate in relation to this watch) from titanium, combining a satin and polished finish. The full name of this new creation is Horological Machine N°9 ‘Flow,’  for obvious reasons, but its shape is not just there to be pretty but houses a unique movement of which its complexity only rivals with its beauty.

The ‘pods’ on each side of the main body of the HM9 contain a balance wheel, which can be admired through a sapphire window. The rate of them is balanced out by a planetary differential, that is located in the central body of the watch, and displayed at the front of the watch. MB&F will launch the HM9 ‘Flow’ in two editions of 33 pieces each, that share the titanium case. The ‘Air’ edition features a dark finish on the movement and a dial in aviator-style. The ‘Road’ edition pays tribute to 1950’s cars with a speedometer inspired dial, and a rose gold plated movement. Both are priced at US$ 182,000 + tax.


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