Graff Structural Tourbillon Skeleton Automatic

The Graff Structural Tourbillon Skeleton Automatic is such a watch that tantalizes the sense with its unique case, and movement! The outer ring of the case is made out of titanium which is given a DLC-coating, making it black. Combined with 18K rose gold, you get a beautiful contrast which Graff also utilizes within the movement.

That movement is a piece of art by itself. It is heavily skeletonized which is even amplified by the use of bridges made from sapphire crystal. This gives the Graff Structural Tourbillon Skeleton Automatic a very technical look. In this, also the flying tourbillon plays an important role, as it almost seems like it is doing its magical dance of precision floating in the air.

It might come as a surprise that this watch is actually automatic. When looking at the back, you can see a rose gold rotor, which is placed decentral onto the movement. Only very few watches have a large size rotor that is set in such a fashion, making the Graff Structural Tourbillon Skeleton Automatic, even more, an exotic delight.

When we zoom into the movement the superb finish becomes evident. This watch might not have been adorned with many gems, but that is simply because it is a gem by itself. It pushes technical boundaries, features an avant-garde design while at the same time highlights oldfashioned craftsmanship thanks to its superb finishing. That makes this Graff not only an exceptional watch but also a worthy addition to the world of Haute Horlogerie.


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