Michelle Obama Adds 21 Book Tour Stops As ‘Becoming’ Sales Top 3 Million

Michelle Obama‘s new book Becoming is absolutely blowing up. The former First Lady is currently on a book tour that is selling out stadiums, and there are still more people decrying the fact that they can’t see her in person.

With that in mind, Obama added 21 more cities to her book tour. She shared on Twitterthat she hoped to create “meaningful” experiences for her fans.

“I’m having so much fun with all of you on my #IAmBecoming tour that I decided to do one final round of events to see folks in some cities we missed!” she wrote. “These conversations have been so meaningful for me, and I hope they’ve been meaningful for you all, too.”

According to Crown Publishing, Obama’s memoir has sold over 3 million copies in less than a month. That makes her book one of the fastest-selling non-fiction books in history and already places it among the best-selling political memoirs of all time.

“I couldn’t be more excited to visit even more cities across the country and around the world,” told People. “I’ve been so humbled by the response to the tour thus far and the overwhelming interest we’ve received from so many communities we weren’t able to visit this year. That’s why I’m thrilled that we’re able to expand our conversations to these new settings and wider audiences. I can’t wait to continue the discussions that have been so meaningful for me and, I hope, for so many others.”

source: complex.com BYALEX GALBRAITH

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