America’s Most Expensive Home Sells for $238 Million in NYC

Billionaire Ken Griffin, the hedge fund chief executive, has added another big purchase to his list of lucrative activity—the most expensive home in the United States.

According to the Wall Street Journal, which first reported the sale on Wednesday, the 24,000-square-foot unit is located on Central Park between Seventh Avenue and Broadway and sold at $238 million. The sale shattered the previous New York City apartment record—a $100.5 million duplex located near Griffin’s newest estate. Prior to Wednesday’s sale, the most expensive home in America was an East Hampton home valued at $137 million.

Griffin’s is known for spending hundreds of millions of his fortune on properties across the country. Most notably, the billionaire bought the most expensive aparment in Miami Beach, which closed at $60 million in 2015. He also purchased a property in Chicago last year for $58.75 million, another record-breaker. In addition to domestic purchases, Griffin bought a $122 million home in London, which unsurprisingly was one of the costliest home sales ever in the city.

In addition to his collection of palaces, Griffin is an art collector and charitable donor. In 2016, he bought a pair of paintings, one Jackson Pollock and the other a Willem de Kooning, for $500 million because why the hell not. However, in a more philanthropic gesture, Griffin donated $125 million to the University of Chicago’s Department of Economics.

A spokesperson for Griffin confirmed his latest property acquistion to the Journal. “Citadel is expanding its presence in New York with its new office at 425 Park Avenue, and Mr. Griffin was looking for a place to stay when he’s in town.”

Apparently since Griffin will be coming to New York every once in a while, The Plaza was no longer an option.

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