The Surprises Of SIHH 2019

Not all years are equal, and that also goes for the SIHH. The 2019 edition proved to be an excellent one, with a lot of top-notch watches, very few disappointments and even a few sweet surprises. These extend beyond the new Bonbon-collection from Richard Mille, who set the pace with his unparalleled creativity, as also the following watches made a big impression as they were presented to us!

Hermès Arceau L’Heure De La Lune

Hermès is a brand that has built its reputation on tasteful watches, with simple, elegant and timeless design. In the past, they have delighted us with a few complicated pieces, yet still came the  Arceau L’Heure De La Lune was a surprise. It is especially the beauty and deceiving simplicity in which the moon phase on both the northern and the southern hemispheres are displayed that make this such a stunning creation. The only thing we haven’t made our minds up about is if we prefer the aventurine version or the one with meteorite.

Ulysse Nardin Skeleton X

If there is one brand that combines avant-garde design with old-school craftsmanship, it is Ulysse Nardin. With the Skeleton X, they prove this once more, especially with this version of which the case is made from Carbonium. It forms the perfect frame for the high-tech creation that is the movement and heavily skeletonized dial. Caliber UN-371 is crafted in Ulysse Nardin’s own manufacture and features a silicium balance wheel and a silicium minuterie gear train. The power reserve of the watch is a generous three-days, and combined with its light weight makes it for a watch that we would never want to take off!

RJ Arraw 6919

When RJ Watches launched the Arraw last year, we liked the watch but weren’t overly excited. For such an expressive brand, the design seemed to be a bit understated. Now we stand corrected, as we see that the introduction of this model was needed to serve as the base for some stunning new creations and complications! With the 6919 does also RJ Watches highlight the phases of the moon. In their innovative approach, the moon phase disc travels around the dial, making a full circle in the 29.5 days that the moon cycle lasts. Of course, this is not the only reference to the heavenly body closest to the earth, as we are talking here about RJ watches. The bezel is made of a composite material that combines acrylic glass with parts of the Apollo 11 spacecraft.

IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph TOP GUN Edition “Mojave Desert”

It is no secret that IWC knows ceramic, and knows it well. They have been one of the pioneers in the industry when it comes to this light and resilient material. Still, we were taken by surprise with the Pilot’s Watch Chronograph TOP GUN Edition “Mojave Desert.” It’s matte, sand-colored case gives this watch a unique appearance, matched by the details on the dial, as well as the textile strap, and powered by a manufacture movement. A watch we wouldn’t mind to fly away with!


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