Graff MasterGraff GyroGraff Endangered Species

In the world of complicated watches, the GyroGraff collection by Graff has created its niche. While this is in part to its complicated movement, it is also because they often feature intricate dials and the most stunning gemstone settings. These ingredients also play the main part in the latest creations within this collection, dedicated to endangered species.

What makes the movement inside these GyroGraff models so special is that for the very first time in history, a three-dimensional moon phase is combined with a double-axis tourbillon. Its visual splendour is even further enhanced because the moon is hand carved from white gold in such a way that it resembles the real thing as closely as possible. A rather modest power reserve indicator is tucked away at one o’clock, is adding an extra practical element to the watch, yet not taking away any attention from the exceptional complications and the stunning dial.

The base of the dial is aventurine, while the endangered species are created by Graff‘s artists through a mosaic of gemstones. Within this collection, the dial can be adorned with either a tiger, panda or elephant. All the animals have an incredible depth to them, which is enhanced even further by the aventurine backdrop. Their images are stylized and break apart on the left side of the dial as if they are scattered. This as a reference to the fact that all these three animals are indeed endangered and if we don’t act now, could be lost forever. All three watches are crafted from white gold and feature a diamond-set bezel. The way that this bezel is set is also exceptional, as except for the borders there is no metal visible. This is a true tour-de-force, as we have come to expect from Graff.


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