The Fluid Design Of The HYT H1.0

HYT holds a unique position within the watch industry with its mechanical watches that tell the time by pumping fluids through a capillary glass tube. They offer this technology in a variety of different models with among them the H1.0. On paper, this watch gives the impression of being incredibly large, with a diameter of 48.8mm and a height of 20.08mm. Yet inspired by the way that it indicates the time, is also its design so fluid that it fits nearly any wrist size with great comfort and utilizes its size effectively.

Its case is little more than a stainless steel base, on some models with either anthracite or PVD coating, to which the rubber strap is connected and where the highly domed sapphire crystal in is secured. Underneath we find not only the movement, with its two bellows that pump the fluids around but also the ribbed ring that surrounds it and in which the Arabic numerals are cut that indicate the hours. It is needless to say that this all results in a watch that has, above all, a very three-dimensional presence.

HYT amplifies the unique nature of its complication by giving the H1.0 a distinct technical appearance. The bellows are integrated beautifully into the design without overpowering any of the other elements. The subdial for the minutes has a prominent place at twelve o’clock, and reading the time in combination with the hours indicated by the fluid is surprisingly effortless. The minute hand is flanked by a power reserve meter on one side and a running seconds indicator on the other. Despite its unique complication, does the manual wind movement offer a power reserve of 65 hours and features a finish that can rival that of more classically inclined Haute Horlogerie creations.

HYT is offering the H1.0 in five different versions. The version that combines a black PVD case with black fluid is the most toned down, with only a few red accents, while the versions with green, red, and blue fluids put more of an emphasis on the technology that makes these watches so different. Despite being quite avant-garde in their approach has HYT also succeeded in giving them a timeless appeal, as well as making them perfectly suitable for daily wear.


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