MB&F Launches the HM10 Bulldog

An entirely new MB&F is always an exciting thing. The brand has yet to make something that can be categorized as a ‘normal’ watch, and also their latest creation refuses to fit in. The Horological Machine No.10, or HM10 in short, is inspired by a bulldog and comes with ‘eyes’ that tell the time and a jaw that serves as a power reserve indicator.

While the HM10 Bulldog has quite a few elements that we already know from previous MB&F models, is it a refreshing creation. Measuring 54mm by 45mm and a height of 24mm makes it an impressive beast, yet one that sits on the wrist with comfort thanks to its movable lugs. It comes with two sapphire crystals, with an anti-reflective coating on either side. This allows you to enjoy in full the spectacle that takes place underneath them.

For the top crystal, are there two domes in which the left one indicates the hours and the right one the minutes. They are crowned by a large balance wheel, that gives this creation even more of a three-dimensional impact. The lower sapphire crystal offers quite a different sight. Here we see the jaws of the Bulldog that double as a power reserve indicator. When the jaws are fully open, the watch still has a power reserve of 45 hours, and when they are closed, the watch needs winding.

MB&F is launching the HM10 Bulldog in two different versions. The edition with grade 5 titanium body and blue hour and minute dome is, without a doubt, the most sportive version of the two. This is, in part, due to its blue strap, but also thanks to the sleek profile that is accentuated by the brushed finish of the titanium. The red gold edition has a different vibe to it, mainly because its case has a color contrast in it, thanks to the grade 5 titanium elements used. The brown calfskin strap also plays an essential role in setting this watch apart from its blue sibling. Which version you prefer is a matter of taste, yet a fact is that MB&F has succeeded once more in creating an extraordinary watch unlike any other.

source: hautetime.com BY MARTIN GREEN

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