6ix9ine Apologizes to Fans and Explains Why He Snitched

6ix9ine took to Instagram Live after releasing his single and accompanying video for “Gooba,” his first offering since being released from prison to home incarceration last month.

After showing off his chains and watches, he went in on everyone who’s been condemning him for snitching on his crew and breaking street code.

“Now let me break it down,” he said. “I’m sorry. I wanna say that I’m sorry to my fans because you know what? It wasn’t worth it. … If there is a street code, right, if there is a street code and there’s something so-called as loyalty and everything, and no snitching and all of that, I get it, right? But where was the loyalty when you was sleeping with my baby mother? Where was the loyalty when you was caught on the wire tap tryna kill me? Where was the loyalty when you tried to kidnap my mother? Where was the loyalty when you stole millions of dollars from me? Where was that? So who broke it first?”

“I get it,” he continued. “Don’t fight fire with fire—I’m sorry. But what did I do wrong? Be loyal to n***as that’s fucking my baby moms? Be loyal to n***as that kidnapped me, beat the shit out of me on video and everything? I’m supposed to be loyal to that? Nah, you know what it is? Y’all don’t want to accept the fact that those is all true facts. Y’all understand why I snitched, y’all understand. Y’all don’t wanna understand.”

He went on to add, “I’m sorry to my fans because they don’t deserve—my family, my mother…don’t deserve that. And I’m sorry. But y’all not gonna break me down like if I did something wrong. Listen: I snitched, I ratted. But who was I supposed to be loyal to? If you can’t be loyal to me out here, in the free world? And you fucking my baby mom, while I’m out on tour making money for all of us, you back at home sleeping with my baby mom. Then I get kidnapped, then you try to kill me? If you can’t be loyal to me out here, in the free world, what makes you think if I would’ve held it down you wouldn’t violate me in prison? Stab me up, poke me up in my neck? I’m not gonna lose my life over no hater.”

6ix9ine broke the world record of the most-viewed Instagram Live stream with over two million views.


source: complex.com BY

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