That’s not a spaceship, it’s a clock. It may have been inspired by spacecraft design, given MB&F calls this joint project with L’Epée the Starfleet Explorer clock, but in the end, it’s here to elegantly ground your daily grind by making counting the hours a little more fun.The Starfleet Explorer desk clock is actually an update of a previous MB&F and L’Epée project from 2014, but it’s been scaled down to 16.5 cm wide and 11 cm tall.

The clock is made of steel with lacquered accent work and stands on three distinctively-shaped legs. In keeping with the space vibe (the company’s literature assiduously avoids any mention of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the obvious inspiration, for some reason), tiny spacemen fly around the pair of disc indicators layered to tell the time, acting as five-minute timers.

The Starfleet Explorer runs off an MB&F in-house movement and can run for a week and a day after manual-winding. It has an especially sharp design structure because you can flip it if you want to stand on its legs and easily access for adjustment.

The Starfleet Explorer is launching in three limited editions, 99 pieces each, in blue, green and red. It retails for $10,975. Learn more here at shop.madgallery.ch.

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