Just days after the long-rumored sequel to Scarface got a director in Luca Gaudagnino, high-end jeweler Jacob & Co. announced a blinged-out timepiece honoring Brian De Palma’s cinematic classic.The luxe, limited edition watch is a part of Jacob & Co.’s jingle-playing Opera series of Grand Complication Masterpieces. And as with the NYC jeweler’s other creations, the watch’s design is extraordinarily complex.

Enclosed in the rose gold and sapphire 49mm case is a 120-note music box—adorned with the Scarface nameplate in 18K rose gold and red lacquer—that sounds the movie’s “Bolivia Theme” when a pusher hits 10 o’clock. A black lacquered model of a grand piano is positioned directly to the left of the matte-black dial and blued hands.

In between the music box’s combed cylinders is a tiny replica of the “The World is Yours” globe that hovers above Al Pacino’s Tony Montana after the character sees his brutal demise at the end the movie.

In addition to all of these totally over-the-top features, the Opera Scarface keeps precise time via Jacob & Co.’s proprietary triple-axis tourbillon movement, which is constructed from gold, steel, titanium and brass.

As Hypebeast notes, the movement and music box are linked to separate power reserves. In between windings, the watch will run for 42 hours and the “Boliva Theme can be played three times.

The Scarface Opera by Jacob & Co. is limited to just 88 examples, so better act fast.

source: maxim.com by

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