Now that Elon Musk’s SpaceX has become the first private company to take humans into space, they’re breaking down the high-tech spacesuits worn by astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley on the Falcon-9-powered Dragon capsule to the International Space Station.

In a two-minute video shared on YouTube, SpaceX staffers explain how their spacesuits are designed to have optimum functionality with the Dragon. SpaceX crew equipment manager Chris Trigg explains that the suit was designed to “take care of itself” once astronauts are seated in the capsule.

“The suit is really one part of the bigger Dragon system. It’s really part of the vehicle, so we think of it as a suit/seat system. The seat that the crew is in and the suit are in a lot of ways working together. I think one of the things that’s cool about the suit is, it’s not just a piece of hardware, it’s not just a suit, it’s a very personal thing,” Trigg added.

“It’s Bob’s suit, it’s Doug’s suit, and so seeing the two of them in their suits using it in flight will be just a really amazing thing.”

For more on the SpaceX spacesuit, check out the video above.


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