The fastest and most powerful Lamborghini ever is going topless with the all-new Sian Roadster. And as with the Sian FKP 37‘s debut, all 19 examples were already sold out by the time it was announced this week.

Perhaps Lambo predicted the Sian’s core features would merit that pre-sale performance, because the only real difference compared to the coupe is a lack of any sort of roof, making it a true roadster in the traditional sense of the word, as opposed to a convertible. The hybrid powertrain remains, with a 785-hp 6.5-liter V12 and a 34-hp 48-volt electric motor working in conjunction to produce a total 819 hp.

The top speed of 217-plus mph remains unaffected, but its 2.9-second zero-to-60 mph time comes in at a tenth of a second slower than the topped predecessor, which is still quick enough to earn the Sian Roadster the title of Lambo’s most powerful topless vehicle ever.

Airflow is directed through the front splitters, front hood, side air intakes, outlets, rear wings and over the rear spoiler to create maximum efficiency. In fact, Lamborghini boldly claims that the Sian Roadster is just as aerodynamic as the Sian coupe, which makes us wonder what’s causing that slight decrease in acceleration.

With regards to aesthetics, the iconic periscopio line visible from the aerial view, extremely aggressive rear end and six hexagonal headlights were all inspired byLambo’s legendary ’80s-era Countach. 

The Sian coupe’s long sculptured contours and distinct aero wings create a similarly powerful profile, while the car’s very low front, with an integrated carbon fiber splitter, houses the iconic Lamborghini Y-shape headlights.

The car is shown here with a Blu Uranus exterior paint coat paired with Oro Electrum rims as a nod to to the hybrid power plant, but Lambo’s Ad Personam bespoke department will do the Sian up in any color.

The complementary interior is an elegant combination of white with Blu Glauco detailing and aluminum elements in more Oro Electrum. The clients who collectively purchased every single Sian Roadster will have their initials engraved on 3D-printed air vents.

No price was revealed, but each Sian coupe sold for $3.6 million, so expect a similarly sky-high ask for the Sian Roadster.

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