In a copycat industry the concept of a sui generis vehicle is nonexistent. Everything is born from another. Except for the Koenigsegg Gemera, that is: the world’s first (and only) mid-engine, four-seater coupé megacar—what the brand is dubbing the “world’s first Mega-GT.” The mere idea is so ludicrous, so farfetched, that only a literal visionary (and arguable lunatic) would have the gall to even attempt to manifest it from hazy daydream sketch to wrought carbon fiber. Continue reading MEET THE KOENIGSEGG GEMERA, THE WORLD’S FIRST ‘MEGA-GT

Short Film: Change Return

Inspired by the surreal vision of an animal using a vending machine, Robert Findlay’s Change Return portrays a dystopian world where people live underground and are serviced by smiley-faced, urinal-shaped, floating robots. The story of a hungry man, trying to survive in this brave new world, Findlay’s 5-minute animation paints a vivid picture of a future where technology can fix anything (even dismembered pigs), at a price. Continue reading Short Film: Change Return