Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo soldiers were African American soldiers who mainly served on the Western frontier following the American Civil War. In 1866, six all-Black cavalry and infantry regiments were created after Congress passed the Army Organization Act. Their main tasks were to help control the Native Americans of the Plains, capture cattle rustlers and thieves and protect settlers, stagecoaches, wagon trains and railroad crews along the Western front.

Louis Vuitton Is Continuing A Saga In Excellence With The Tambour Curve Flying Tourbillon

In its quest for excellence, Louis Vuitton loves to blend old-school craftsmanship with forward-thinking. This becomes especially evident in their Haute Horlogerie models like the Tambour Curve Flying Tourbillon, which was introduced earlier this year. The watch seamlessly continues the legacy of Louis Vuitton’s emblematic watch, yet is not shy of pushing the envelope with both its futuristic design, as well as with its superb movement.

How Police Can Crack Locked Phones—and Extract Information

SMARTPHONE SECURITY MEASURES have grown increasingly sophisticated in recent years, evolving from passcodes to thumbprints to  face recognition and advanced encryption. A new report from the Washington, DC-based research nonprofit Upturn uncovers how police have maintained access to suspects’ phones even as these defenses grow more complex: by contracting with digital forensic firms that specialize in bypassing locks and accessing and copying encrypted data.

How the Venus Flytrap ‘Remembers’ When It Captures Prey

SCIENTISTS ARE CONTINUING to tease out the mechanisms by which the Venus flytrap can tell when it has captured a tasty insect as prey as opposed to an inedible object (or just a false alarm). There is evidence that the carnivorous plant has something akin to a short-term “memory,” and a team of Japanese scientists has found evidence that the mechanism for this memory lies in changes in calcium concentrations in its leaves, according to  a recent paperpublished in the journal Nature Plants.