Louis Vuitton Is Continuing A Saga In Excellence With The Tambour Curve Flying Tourbillon

Watches like this are born at Louis Vuitton’s La Fabrique du Temps. In English, this means ‘the time factory,’ but that is actually a bit of an understatement. The site is more a wonderland of watchmaking where Louis Vuitton’s watches come to life, as well as new ones are developed. What makes the Tambour Curve Flying Tourbillon such an imposing watch is not only its complication but also the way that it is made. The case is crafted from CarboStratum, a carbon-fiber composite, combined with titanium segments it gives the watch a technical look with a sportive touch. This design continues inside the case, where the movement also acts as the dial. Bridges are cleverly shaped like the LV-logo, with on the left side a prominent place for the flying tourbillon. Perhaps the best compliment we can give this watch is that Louis Vuitton made it looks easy. However, when you observe closely and take in all the details, you notice that every part is executed perfectly and comes together with the ones around it, creating true synergy. 

Louis Vuitton‘s quest for perfection also becomes evident from the fact that this watch is awarded the Poinçon de Genève, or Geneva Seal. This is a highly regarded quality seal for watches made in the Canton of Geneva that meet very strict and high finishing and decoration standards. While mainly associated with classic watches, Louis Vuitton shows that a far more progressive watch can also obtain this coveted accolade. For those who want to add a dash of glamour to the Tambour Curve Flying Tourbillon, does Louis Vuitton also offer a diamond set piece. For this unique watch are the titanium parts replaced by white gold in which 354 of brilliant- and baguette-cut diamonds draw your attention. It gives the Tambour Curve Flying Tourbillon a different character, but what remains the same is that it represents the technical and design capabilities in an unsurpassed way, continuing itssaga in excellence.  

source: haute time.com

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