This Rare Apple-1 Computer Could Be Yours for $1.5 Million USD

If you’re familiar with the history of Apple, then you’ll know that the Apple-1 is now rare memorabilia. Designed and hand-built by Steve Wozniak, then sold wholesale by Steve Jobs, the two sold off some of their belongings to raise enough money to cover manufacturing costs — Jobs sold his Volkswagen van and Wozniak sold his HP-65 calculator.

The eBay seller, krishmiti, notes the product comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Apple-1 Registry, suggesting that it is one of only 50 that was sold to an early computer store called Byte Shop. This Apple-1 is apparently still in its original Byte Shop KOA wood case, which comes with the original power supply and Datanetics Version D keyboard. Furthermore, krishmiti notes that the product is in near perfect condition and he’s throwing in a vintage Sony TV-115 and video modulator with the Apple-1 as a bonus.

Apple devices have obviously come a long way since first entering the market, but early versions are still worth appreciating for all their nostalgia. The Apple-1 had an 8-bit MOS 6502 microprocessor, which ran at 1 MHz, and it had 4KB of memory by default, but that could be upgraded to 8KB or 48KB with expansion cards.

Head over to krishmiti’s Apple-1 eBay listing if you have $1.5 million USD lying around, or if you want to see the listing for yourself.

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source: By Charlie Zhang

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