NEXVOO’s BREEZE Transparent Smart Mask Features Sanitizing UV Light and Micro-Fans for Increased Oxygen

Designed to protect against viruses, bacteria, allergens, mildew, dust, odors, and more, the mask innovation stands as the next generation of effective and comfortable equipment that brings back the emotion obscured by traditional masks. Each BREEZE mask features a clear shield covering with a smart self-sanitizing system that uses a built-in sanitizing UV-C light. Working with the medical-grade silicone seals that prevent unfiltered air from flowing in, NEXVOO has outfitted the masks with two 99 percent efficiency N99 level filters that provide even greater protection than the popular N95 masks. While two ultra-silent micro fans help to increase oxygen intake and remove carbon dioxide for increased comfort during everyday wear.

Priced at $80 USD, the BREEZE transparent smart mask is available now on NEXVOO’s website with 30 filters and a micro-USB charging cable.

source: By Nicolaus Li

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