Meet the eerily realistic digital people made with Epic’s MetaHuman Creator

Video games have come a long way when it comes to letting players design their own characters. It’s easy to spend hours tweaking every aspect of your avatar in Cyberpunk 2077 (assuming that the model doesn’t glitch out before you can finish your work). This week, however, Epic showed off a preview of its new MetaHuman Creator platform, which could help creators make ridiculously detailed human models—right down to individual hairs on the models’ heads—in a matter of minutes, rather than days or weeks.

Google tries to replicate synesthesia with its latest experiment

Google Arts & Culture has teamed up with the Centre Pompidou, a cultural complex in Paris, to pay tribute to Vassily Kandinsky with a virtual exhibitionof the artist’s works and other documents. You can view some of Kandinsky’s pieces in an augmented reality gallery. At the heart of the exhibit is a machine learning experiment that tries to replicate synesthesia, a condition the abstract art pioneer had.