BOMBERG Presents First Ever Watch To Incorporate Hemp Leaves

Unfortunately, Bolt suffered an episode of stress and this led the BOMBERG team to reach out to the “Bouledogue Attitude Foundation,” who are based in Switzerland. Their mission is to provide care and shelter for abandoned bulldogs. The foundation recommended for Bolt to begin consuming natural, CBD-based foods. CBD is known for its natural beneficial properties. By attaching directly to nerve cells, the active ingredients of CBD help to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as making the nervous system stronger and more resilient. Thankfully, Bolt has a brand-new lease on life after making a speedy recovery. In fact, Bolt has his very own active Instagram account, should you wish to follow him.

As a direct result of this experience, BOMBERG decided to pursue a long-term partnership with the Swiss organization. The organic and logical partnership led to the inspiration of the “BB01 Automatic Cure The Bulldog.”

No other brand has yet dared to be as provocative as BOMBERG and venture into this growing and increasingly legalized market. In addition to stress-relieving properties, CBD also works as a powerful natural painkiller, as well as improving memory, concentration and overall cognition. As an environmentally-friendly and sustainable anxiety reliever, it really is a 100% natural and legal cocktail of well-being and contentment which aligns perfectly with the BOMBERG philosophy.

Powered by a Swiss automatic movement, the “BB01 Automatic Cure The Bulldog” represents a major break with traditional watchmaking. The dial features the instantly recognizable contours of the Cannabis Indica plant, with its seven serrated leaves. The powerful Super-LumiNova used on the dial means the watch is always legible regardless of the time of night or day.

Real extracts of Cannabis Indica leaves are included inside the dial. The leaves are harvested from a plantation based in Nevada that meets the strictest standards governing the environment, sustainability and natural production. This new BOMBERG icon also features a very special strap made from a mixture of leather and authentic American hemp, which was produced in Nevada.

The 43-mm diameter case offers superior comfort on the wrist. With a bold, iconic look boasting sharp angles and pure lines, it offers the potential for multiple combinations. This watch is the perfect accessory for anyone with a free spirit and love of the relaxed life, with all the usual style, elegance and just a touch of provocation.

BOMBERG is releasing 250 pieces of this special edition and it currently retails at 1,950 Swiss Francs, which goes for roughly $2,123. 


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